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An encouraging environment conducive towards learning is one of the most important factors that make a company worthwhile and productive. Optiwave Technologies offers an absorbing and stimulating ambience full of many opportunities for learning and gaining experience by working under highly qualified competent leaders, and undertaking challenging assignments.

"At Optiwave we are seeking people whose ideas can make a difference"

Everyday life

Optiwave Technologies supports a balanced lifestyle and seeks to accommodate individuals’ priorities. We offer Research and Development (R&D) in the fields like Optics, Network Design, and Network & Information Security. The concept we live by is ‘you reap what you sow’; there is no restriction as to how much one wants to study or ‘research’, it is always appreciated and looked up to. Competency in meeting deadlines is expected off all our employees.


Optiwave Technologies gives its staff considerable choices and options over the projects they undertake. We encourage them to pursue areas of interest and do not assign them to a project against their desires. In this way, the company, as well as, the individual gain is extremely fruitful. This flexibility allows staff to make use of skills according to their abilities and put to use their education on the job in making their aspirations a reality.


Our milieu encourages and focuses on all team members contributing in decision-making by putting forward their own flavor of ideas, and having their involvement recognized. Less experienced staff receives the support and supervision they require, and are pragmatically assigned responsibilities. More experienced team members see their initiative rewarded and are able to make valuable contributions in further developing the company’s image and bringing in a new wave of though through R&D.

To become a part of Optiwave family, please send us your CV's at career@optiwave.org

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